It is an investment, not an expense.

If your goals include increasing productivity, streamlining workflows, and improving efficiency, then we’re definitely on the same page. Great IT is an investment in your people, and Ripple helps keep them happy and productive.

We help people, not computers.

It’s our job to help people get their work done, not just fix things when they break. And that philosophy is at the core of being a Rippler. We’re not just IT experts; we’re people-people.

Ripple and ROWE

We’re a Result-Only Work Environment. That means Ripplers work where they want, when they want, so long as the work gets done. ROWE demands the highest levels of personal responsibility, expects everyone to be ass-kickers, and rewards that by treating people like adults.


[Why ROWE is good for Clients]

“A results-only work environment promotes a more engaged workforce motivated to not only produce something, but to produce something meaningful.”

Cali Ressler, ROWE Co-founder
[Why ROWE is good for Ripplers]

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“Working in a ROWE doesn't mean you work less, just smarter. When you have the tools to do your job from anywhere, you don't have to be in the office to get things done.”

Chris Moody, Ripple Support Engineer

We love our team, and we think you will too.

Ripplers are a diverse group with one very important thing in common: They get results. Meet our team of IT experts and learn what makes them tick.

Mike Landman
Founder & CEO
James Arnold
Senior Consultant
Curt Phillips
Senior Systems Architect
Steve Du
Procurement Manager
Watson McKeel
Relationship Manager
NyEasha Kenner
Finance Manager
Chris Moody
Support Team Lead
Anthony Hart
Projects Team Lead
Nash Pritchett
Support Specialist
Aaron Brown
Hosting Specialist
Kim Street-Robison
Marketing Coordinator
Advisory Board

Jobs with the Ripple IT team

Being a ROWE company, we are duty-bound to hire only the very best people. People who are not only great at what they do, but are also self-directed, motivated, and think strategically. So our hiring process is methodical, personal, and, well, long. Check back here for a list of open positions as they become available.