Net Neutrality: What the FCC’s Ruling Means For You

Broadband is now a public utility On February 26, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) passed new net neutrality regulations designed to safeguard the free flow of content on the internet. The FCC’s vote causes fixed broadband lines to be reclassified under Title II of the Telecommunications Act. This means internet service providers (ISPs) and mobile broadband… Read more »

What is HTTP/2 and How Will it Speed Up Your Web Browsing?

The first major change to HTTP in 16 years has been finalized! After years of development, HTTP/2 has been formally approved. According to an update by Mark Nottingham (the chair of the IETF HTTP Working Group), HTTP/2 has been officially finalized and has moved toward being fully standardized. The previous version (HTTP/1.1) was adopted in… Read more »

How to Sync Shared Google Calendars to Your iOS Device

3, 2, 1…Sync! If your business has embraced Google Apps as part of its workflow, then you probably know about the ability to create and share calendars with others. Shared calendars help keep teams organized and allow users to subscribe to public events. Most people crave the ability to access their shared calendars from their mobile devices…. Read more »

Outlook for iOS and Android: Microsoft Adds New Business Features

How Do You Manage Your Email When You’re On The Go? Although smartphones and tablets have become key locations for reading email, most people conduct only basic email functions on these devices and delay the rest until they’re at their computer. Activities like sorting through large amounts of email, managing your calendar, and sharing files call… Read more »

Does Your Business Need a WiFi Guest Network?

“What’s your WiFi password?” If you frequently have guests in the office that need to use your WiFi network to get online, odds are you’ve heard that question many times. If you wish there were a way to give them access to the internet but not other things on your network (like shared storage, security cameras,… Read more »

Is It Time To Retire That Old Wireless Router?

How old is your wireless router? If you’re like countless others, your wireless router has been collecting a layer of dust as it has silently served you all these years. Unfortunately, wireless routers are usually one of those appliances that the majority of people set up and forget about. Although most people think if it’s… Read more »

How to Unsend Email In Gmail

You Clicked Send…Oh No. It happens all the time. You finish typing an email then click Send…only to realize you’ve made a mistake. It may have been a minor spelling error. Or maybe you accidentally hit Reply All. How about you sent the email to the wrong person, and you really don’t want them reading it because it… Read more »

Google Fiber is Coming to Atlanta

The time for Google Fiber is finally here! Well, sort of… Google recently announced they will be launching their high-speed fiber-optic internet service in four new metro areas: Charlotte, Raleigh-Durham, Nashville, and Atlanta (Home to Ripple HQ). This is the latest step in a very careful expansion of Google Fiber, which is currently offered in Austin,… Read more »