Ripple, ROWE, and the Intern

Back in December, I interviewed with Mike and Joshua for a position as a Marketing Intern at Ripple IT. It was a unique interview experience, to say the least. This was the first time in my life that someone sat me down and instead of handing me a list of tasks I’d have to complete… Read more »

Case Study: Why DeMoss Chooses Ripple’s IT Support

As a public relations agency, DeMoss handles everything from marketing and advertising to crisis management for their clients. They’ve been serving faith-based causes and organizations as well as not-for-profit organizations since 1991. Before Ripple, DeMoss was reliant on a small IT company whose quality of service dropped noticeably after the company was acquired. The former… Read more »

Secondary Security Settings for Safety

Last week I received word (from my mother of all people) that my personal email account was spamming my contacts. Not exactly great news when the majority of your contacts are people you’ve spoken with solely on a professional level. As a security measure, I immediately changed my password to the most random thing I could think… Read more »

Top Ways to Improve IT Service For Businesses

There’s a ton of articles on the web promising to improve your IT service just by following a few simple steps, but the truth of the matter is that you shouldn’t be handling your own IT problems. You should be improving your business, and your people should be doing the jobs you’ve hired them to… Read more »

Apple Gets Greener

Apple Environmental Responsibility Policy | Better-0 Apple recently made some additions to their Environmental Responsibility webpage publicizing their efforts of working towards a “net-zero energy” workplace. The company has a data center as well as 145 stores in the United States that currently run on solar energy, as well as other forms of renewable energy. Apple’s… Read more »

How to Release Mail From Spam Filters With AppRiver

Ripple support provides a spam filtering and virus filtering service for your email that acts as a secret inbox guard. Each day, AppRiver users should receive an email from Ripple containing all of the emails withheld from their inbox the previous day. Our server uses its best judgement, but sometimes legitimate mail can get caught in this… Read more »

How to Release Mail From Spam Filters With Google

Spam filters behave like the lasers from Space Invaders. Typically, they are very successful at keeping spam mail (and aliens) out of your inbox, but sometimes they are guilty of capturing the mail you would like to receive. No worries! We have a quick and easy fix for helping those very important messages make their… Read more »

HealthKit Unveiled for iOS 8

With the unveiling of the iOS 8 at WWDC, HealthKit, a new framework, caught the attention of doctors everywhere. Similar to the iOS 6 Passbook system that electronically manages tickets, boarding passes, coupons, and other records, it has the ability to manage and to make patient health history portable through the cloud. The Health app… Read more »