Advisory Board

Morris Miller is a member of the Ripple IT Advisory Board

Morris Miller

Morris has a long track record founding and advising technology companies including Rackspace Managed Hosting®, where he helped build the Fanatical Support™ culture that now boasts $1B in annual revenues. Most recently he formed Cutstone Ventures, a San Antonio-based firm specializing in early-stage venture capital, and became CEO of Xenex Disinfection Services.

Morris Miller is an alumnus of Phillips Exeter Academy, The University of Texas at Austin, and The Southern Methodist University School of Law.


Brooks Robinson is a member of the Ripple IT Advisory Board

Brooks Robinson

Brooks is a co-founder at Springbot, a startup that delivers an ecommerce marketing platform to small businesses. Before starting Springbot he was a co-founder and CMO of CBeyond. He’s also worked with the Cambridge Strategic Management Group in Boston and Deloitte/Braxton Consulting in Toronto.

Brooks Robinson holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Electrical Engineering and Management Science from from the University Waterloo in Canada and the University of Queensland in Australia.



Blake Salle is a member of the Ripple IT Advisory Board

Blake Salle

Blake has nearly two decades of sales and sales management experience in hardware, software, and medical sales. Currently, he serves as Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Channels at VCE, a joint venture between VMware, Cisco, and EMC.

Blake Salle is a graduate of The University of Texas at Austin.


Suizo Mendler is a member of the Ripple IT Advisory Board

Frederick Mendler

Frederick “Suizo” Mendler is a former Rackspace executive who was instrumental in bolstering the unique employee focused culture that helped to make Fanatical Support a reality. Suizo went on to share his experience with startups as an advisor and mentor.

Suizo Mendler currently serves as Chief Operating Officer for TrueAbility, a B2B company that helps businesses find and recruit technical talent.

Harlan Karp is a member of the Ripple IT Advisory Board

Harlan Karp

Harlan possesses an in depth knowledge of financial consulting, mergers and acquisitions, and auditing in a wide spectrum of industries. He’s consulted around the world with leading companies such as UPS, Deutche Bank, AFLAC, and GE Power Systems.

Harlan Karp is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Parkonect, a cloud solution for smooth-running parking garages, and is the President of Southblock Development and Management. He is a graduate of The University of Wisconsin, and a licensed CPA.


John Reid is a member of the Ripple IT Advisory Board

John Reid

John is an award-winning creative director who has spent over a decade gaining an intimate knowledge of companies to solve problems through brand advertising. Most recently he co-founded Agent, the company that brings senior freelance talent to help major brands get out of creative ruts.

John Reid is a graduate of Marist College in Poughkeepsie, and The Creative Circus in Atlanta.


Mike Landman is a member of the Ripple IT Advisory Board

Mike Landman

As head honcho at Ripple, Mike has the duty of giving advice to employees, and seeking it from board members. But like all great company founders, his true strength has been finding and empowering the right people.

Mike is an active member of the Atlanta chapter of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization, serving on the board of directors as the Atlanta chapter president. He also helped to found the Atlanta EO Accelerator program, which advises first-stage entrepreneurs on how to advance their companies.