Cloud Services

We help people and companies navigate the cloud. From email to hosting, backup to spam blocking, phones to filtering, we manage the tough stuff so you can focus on what’s really important: Getting work done.

Web Hosting

It’s like other web hosting, in that we host your web site, but done Ripple Style for good measure. That means simple plans, smart technology, and Humans First service. So maybe not that much like other web hosting.

  • Clear Communication at Every Step
  • Hosting and Support Under One Roof
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  1. Ripple Acquires Live Oak Hosting
  2. Web Hosting with Ripple

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Should your email live in the cloud? Probably. Almost certainly. And Ripple’s got you covered. Whether Hosted Exchange, Google Apps, IMAP, or some magic combination is right for you, we’ve got a plan.

  1. Easy-to-Manage Mailboxes
  2. Setup and Support from Ripple
From the blog
  1. Migrating to Google Apps
  2. Beware Scam Invoices

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Spam & Virus Filtering

Keep the nasties out of in your inbox. Host your email with us and we’ve got you covered. And even if you host it elsewhere, we can keep it nice and clean. It’s a simple way to make sure your email’s safe and secure.

  1. Powered by Cisco IronPort
  2. 24/7 Automatic Updates
From the blog
  1. Beware Scam Invoices
  2. Securing Your Network

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Flashback Backup

Flashback will back you up from anywhere there’s an internet connection. Safely, securely and to the cloud. An easy web interface allows you to manage backups witsh just a few clicks. Or we’ll manage if for you. However you like.

  1. Backup Your Site and Data Anywhere
  2. Quickly Restore Devices and Databases
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  1. Backup Everything.. Twice!
  2. Travel Tips from Ripple IT

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Our VoIP phone service includes unlimited calls to the lower 48, complete Ripple technical support, and (of course) phones. You won’t waste time listening to Muzak®, or repeating your account number to call center operators. The tough stuff is our job.

  1. Fully Managed Phone Service
  2. User-defined Call Trees
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  1. An Overview of Ripple OfficeTalk
  2. Why Octane Coffee Chooses OfficeTalk

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