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Why Compare G Suite to Office 365?

The shift away from on-premise IT infrastructure in favor of shared “public” cloud environments for email and collaboration is undeniable. Cloud solutions offer superior mobility and collaboration features, lower IT capital expenditures, and a reduced burden on IT departments. It’s no wonder that 55% of enterprises are expected to transition email to the cloud by 2020, with adoption rates among small and mid-sized companies rising even more rapidly.

Microsoft represents the stalwart incumbent in the email and collaboration space, having evolved their widely adopted software suite to a cloud-ready solution in Microsoft Office 365. Google, on the other hand, is largely seen as the new kid on the block, despite having released their G Suite platform several years prior to Office 365. When choosing a platform, organizations will be faced with a decision between two distinctly different visions for the future of IT.

Our G Suite vs. Microsoft Office 365 Comparison Guide is designed to assist organizations as they architect a cloud strategy.

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