Beyond Support.

Ripple is more than just a managed IT service provider, and Beyond Support is our most popular service for a reason. We bring consulting, implementation and unlimited support bundled with all the IT services you need so your people can get their jobs done. All for one simple fee. Per person, per month, no headaches.

Macs & PCs

Getting Macs and PCs to play nice is kind of our thing, and we’ve been doing since long before it was cool. We help people get their work done with whatever tool is right for the job. Mac, PC, or mobile.

  • Apple Certified Consultants
  • Microsoft Certified Technicians
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  1. Macs & PCs Living in Harmony
  2. Ripple ♥’s Mac & PC Networks

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Unlimited Support

We believe the best support is unlimited support. So our customers don’t worry about how long or how often they call us. There’s no hourly billing or confusing “block time” to stress over. Just the support you need, when you need it.

  1. No Limits on Support
  2. Simplified Billing without Surprises
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  1. The Flat-fee, Unlimited IT Support Model
  2. Welcome to Managed IT Services

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Network Management

Ripple can manage your entire network, from servers to handhelds; cloud to wiring closet. We even manage other IT vendors like ISPs and software companies.

  1. Cloud-to-Closet Implementation
  2. Google Apps Migration
From the blog
  1. Let Us Update Ya
  2. Installing and Managing the ATV Network

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System Monitoring

We watch your network and servers round the clock. And we’re proactive—when we see a potential problem, we step in before it becomes big trouble. This makes your job easier because there’s a lot less downtime.

  1. License and Legacy Tracking
  2. 24/7 Critical Alerts
From the blog
  1. System Monitoring with the Ripple Agent
  2. The Stages of IT: Managed Services

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The thing about backup software (and we’re talking all backup software) is that it can fail. And that’s not okay. Which is why we back up your servers with two completely different technologies -- just in case.

  1. Redundant Systems
  2. Flashback Recovery
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  1. Backup Everything ... Twice!
  2. Is Managed IT Service Just Insurance?

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Vendor Relations

It’s the little things. And the big things, too. Computer warranties, software licenses, internet service providers, etc. We wrangle them all so you don’t have to.

  1. Proven Partnerships
  2. Professional Installations
From the blog
  1. Technology for Technology’s Sake
  2. Understanding System Lifecycles

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IT Consultation

When you work with Ripple, you get your very own IT Strategist who is dedicated to your business. They assess new technology, renew software licenses, and take responsibility for your IT.

  1. A Dedicated IT Team
  2. Quarterly Business Reviews
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  1. Why Small Businesses Need IT Support
  2. Small Businesses and Cloud Computing

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Our VoIP phone service includes unlimited calls to the lower 48, complete Ripple technical support, and (of course) phones. You won’t waste time listening to Muzak®, or repeating your account number to call center operators. The tough stuff is our job.

  1. Fully Managed Phone Service
  2. User-defined Call Trees
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  1. An Overview of Ripple OfficeTalk
  2. Why Octane Coffee Chooses OfficeTalk

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