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A Step-by-Step Guide to Changing your Primary Domain in G Suite

Chris Moody

We hear this a lot: “Due to organizational changes, we need to replace our previous Google domain with a new one.”   Unfortunately, there isn’t a simple button to switch to a different Google Domain -but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible! Requirements: G Suite Admin access to the old Domain (domain1) G suite Admin access to the… Read more »

What to ask before you buy new tech for your business

The moment you’re looking to buy any technology… Take the time to consider what you’re really looking to buy. Consider how you want this solution to integrate, store, and/ or access corporate information. There are endless amounts of applications out there. Many are very good and likely offer the exact business process you’re looking to improve. However, that shouldn’t negate the… Read more »

Learn to Use Google Apps Script: How and Why

Apps Script is a simple yet powerful programming language that lets you customize, extend, and automate the functionality of Google’s suite of business applications. Scripts can be used in conjunction with Gmail, Contacts, Calendar, Spreadsheets, Documents, Forms, and more. If you’re familiar with the concept of using macros in older applications to automate repetitive tasks,… Read more »

Yup, It’s Time to Purchase a CRM

via GIPHY It’s a big challenge to manage contacts. You’re not alone and here’s where most start: Stacks of sticky notes A large time consuming spreadsheet Multiple people doing the same work with no collaboration Sad face Why is it so hard?! Contacts could be colleagues, business partners, leads, vendors, or just folks that you… Read more »

Extend Your Email Capabilities with Outlook Partner Add-Ins

Extend Your Email Capabilities with Outlook Partner Add-Ins | Ripple IT

Microsoft Introduces New Outlook Partner Add-Ins In May 2015, Microsoft revealed plans for a major update which featured a polished inbox, new ways to collaborate with others, an upgraded calendar, and support for partner add-ins. Now, the preview is being expanded to a wider audience and Microsoft has announced the launch of several new partnerships with Evernote,… Read more »

Google Docs Tips to Help You Become a Pro – Part Three

Google Docs Tips to Help You Become a Pro | Ripple IT

Google Docs is a powerful business productivity application loaded with handy features for collaboration. Although many people use Google Docs every day, there are still many users who are hesitant to leave their old desktop office applications behind and adopt cloud-based options like Google Docs. To help clear up some of the hesitancy, we’ve detailed several Google Docs shortcuts and… Read more »