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Tips for a Bad Economy, Part Two: Print Less

Print Less | Ripple IT

Printing has several associated costs. There’s the cost of the consumables (paper and toner), the cost of the printer itself, and the cost of disposing of waste paper, which is even higher if you use a secure shredding service. So reducing your printing can save you money. Enable duplex printing as the default setting on… Read more »

Tips for a Bad Economy, Part One: Use Systems That Scale

Systems that Scale | Ripple IT

For most companies, payroll is the single biggest cost of doing business. If you do find yourself in the unfortunate position of having to reduce payroll, you’ll see larger cost savings if the software and services that support those employees also scale. For instance, you can reduce the number of hosted email mailboxes you pay for every month, but if… Read more »

Email Marketing with MailChimp

Ripple IT- mailchimp email marketing

If you do (or want to do) email marketing, there is no better service than MailChimp. The system itself is smarter than all the others on the market, and the value you get from reading their blog is ten times what you’ll pay for the service. Why are you still on this page? Go make… Read more »

Standardizing on Mac?

Standardizing on a Mac | Ripple IT

File this under “just wacky enough to maybe make sense.” A client with both Mac and Windows laptops asked if it made sense to standardize on Apple laptops for all roles, including roles that required Windows and Windows applications. Now that the Mac platform is Intel-based one can easily load the Windows OS instead of… Read more »

Vista’s Drop Dead Date

Windows Vista logo

Most of our clients, at our suggestion, have been avoiding upgrading to Windows Vista. Not because we think it’s awful (we don’t), but because we were waiting for the first big service pack to reduce the number of bugs they would have to deal with, and to give software vendors time to get their software… Read more »

Quality vs. Discount Computers

Discount Computers

“Can you find us something cheaper?” I hear that a lot from clients when I send them a quote for a  workstation or laptop for one of their employees. Well sure. Of course we can. But is that really the place to focus efforts on cost saving? I don’t think so, and here’s why. Amortization: We… Read more »