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Apple’s iOS 6 Improves Privacy

iOS 6 | Apple | Ripple IT

So, Apple’s new Maps app isn’t that great, but one of the things they got right with iOS 6 is the revamping of their privacy settings. First off, it’s a lot easier to find the settings and make changes. Second, the revamp gives you more control over things like tracking. And third, Apple fixed a… Read more »

Favorite Websites: October 2012 Edition

Favorite Websites | Ripple IT

  The internet is a great resource for free, useful tools to help with everything from email marketing to managing your finances. Ripplers are discovering and testing new sites and software on a near-constant basis in an effort to be in sync with the latest and greatest innovations. We thought it would be helpful to… Read more »

Extra Life Gaming Marathon

Extra Life Gaming Marathon

For the past four years, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta has participated in Extra Life, a gaming marathon in support of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals®. This year the annual 24-hour charity event will kickoff at 8 am on Saturday, October 20th. Gamers interested in participating need to first register on the site, and then get friends and family… Read more »

Trees Atlanta 13th Annual Sell-a-bration

Trees Atlanta |

Hmm. The more I look at the word “trees,” the less it looks like the correct spelling. Imagined typos aside, if you’re in Atlanta this Saturday trees will be taking center stage at the once-a-year Tree Sale put on by the nonprofit organization Trees Atlanta. Located in the Cabbagetown / Reynoldstown area, the Trees Atlanta… Read more »

Critical Microsoft Updates

Microsoft Update Tuesday - Ripple IT Services

On Tuesday, Microsoft issued seven updates that eliminate vulnerabilities in Word, Office, Windows, SharePoint Server, SQL Server and more, including a security flaw in Word used to attack the company’s own online services. One such updated is being called “critical,” Microsoft’s highest threat ranking, while the others are simply labeled as “important.” The critical update… Read more »

Your Head in the Cloud

Brain in the Cloud | Ripple IT Support

In an article posted to SlashDot, author Ray Kurzweil predicts that cloud technology will help to expand brain capacity beyond its current limits. Taking questions following a speech he gave in Santa Clara, California last week, Kurzweil said, “By the time we’re even 20, we’ve filled [our brains] up,” adding that the only way to store information after that… Read more »

Google Chrome Malware

Google Chrome | Ripple IT

Google Chrome users are urged to be wary of a malware-infected, web-based version of Rovio’s Bad Piggies. Barracuda Labs found that a free version of the game, with the full title of Angry Birds Bad Piggies, contains malicious code that infects users of the popular Chrome browser. According to them, the game installs an ad injector that replaces original… Read more »

Apple Maps, Google Maps, and Waze

Waze | Ripple IT

Okay. So, Apple’s Maps is a far cry from its powerful and expansive Google counterpart. But, as Apple has continually pointed out, the app is in part crowdsourced — meaning that the more people use it, the better it will get. So, how do users go about improving the new Maps app? Well, there’s actually a couple… Read more »