VIDEO: Why Octane Coffee Chooses OfficeTalk

Octane is one of the southeast’s premier coffee companies, with two Atlanta locations and a third in Birmingham, Alabama. Not only do they serve up delicious hand-crafted coffee by day, but their talented baristas double as bartenders by night. The coffee company has been a longtime client of Ripple’s Free WiFi, so when they discovered a need for a… Read more »

Humans on Mars: Will There Be Free WiFi?

NASA’s Curiosity rover has concluded that radiation levels on the red planet are safe for humans. “The astronauts can live in this environment,” said Don Hassler, principal investigator on Curiosity’s Radiation Assessment Detector instrument (RAD). He went on to explain that “the Mars atmosphere is acting as a shield for the radiation on the surface and as… Read more »

Ask a Rippler: Joshua Flail

This week we’re presenting a new monthly blog feature, Ask a Rippler, which will give our clients and followers a chance to ask us about software, hardware, and anything else they might have questions about. Want to know what programs we use? Having trouble configuring your mobile device to sync with your workstation? Clueless about… Read more »

Favorite Websites: November 2012 Edition

The internet is a great resource for free, useful tools to help with everything from email marketing to managing your finances. Ripplers are discovering and testing new sites and software on a near-constant basis in an effort to be in sync with the latest and greatest innovation. We decided to share a few of these… Read more »

Baxter, The Amazing Emoticon Robot

A new kind of worker is expected to help US manufacturing compete with low-wage labor. New-fangled Robots. Specifically, an incredibly adaptive robot named Baxter. So just how much better is Baxter than the working bots today? Well, a lot. Conventional industrial robots are generally expensive to program, incapable of handling even small changes in their… Read more »

NYC Fiber Challenge

Calling all small to mid-sized companies in New York City! With a name like “Fiber Challenge” it might be easy to dismiss ConnectNYC’s contest as an all-bran bonanza. But the real story behind it is much more appealing. From now until November 27th, small and mid-size commercial and industrial businesses across New York’s five boroughs… Read more »

[VIDEO] Highgroove Studios / Big Nerd Ranch

We talked with Charles Brian Quinn, Jon Woodroof, and Kim Hogan of Highgroove Studios (now Big Nerd Ranch) to find out why they choose to work with Ripple for IT Support. Highgroove Studios is a team of Ruby and Ruby on Rails experts dedicated to rapidly developing, deploying and scaling web applications for big and… Read more »

The Emperor’s Customer Service Metrics for IT Support

Nearly every customer service company publishes or presents some metrics. Internally they display them, report on them, and use them for determining who is and isn’t doing their job. Externally they use them to show prospective clients how great their service is, and report them to existing clients so they know they’re getting what they’re… Read more »