Adobe Improves Software Subscription Model

We mentioned Adobe’s push into the subscription pricing model when they released Creative Suite 5.5. At the time they also announced that they were going to be releasing new full releases every 18 months and half releases every 9 months, and true to their word this month they announced Creative Suite 6. With CS 6… Read more »

Pardot is the best place to work in Atlanta

If you haven’t seen, Pardot was awarded the Best Workplace in Atlanta by the AJC last week. It was no fluke – they earned it. I have known David Cummings (one of the Pardot co-founders) since 2007. I’ve watched as he built – with great discipline, the culture that makes Pardot such a great place… Read more »

Personal SEO

Most companies are aware by now that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) exists and that they should probably try to do something about getting their companies as well-ranked as possible. For business, there are plenty of SEO firms and inbound marketing tools to chose from. But what about for people? Do you see what you want… Read more »

Making IT Service More Human

Marketing carries with it the baggage of being a one-way conversation. So, the question for those in the field becomes, “How do I make people aware of something without it seeming like a blatant ad?” For me, personally, I had always assumed that the key was dressing up promotion in flowery descriptions and big words…. Read more »

The Stages of IT Service: Part Three

We’ve already talked about IT in the lean years (Part One), and discussed some of the more traditional options for startups and small companies (Part Two). So, this is where we get right down to what makes the most sense to us Ripplers. That is, providing IT services that are proactive about potential problems, upfront… Read more »

WiFi for Business

Eight to ten years ago many businesses added WiFi networks to their offices using what was ubiquitous at the time. Namely, inexpensive access points like the Linksys WAP54G (don’t take that the wrong way, it’s a great WAP and we still have love for this venerable old workhorse). Many people had similar devices installed at… Read more »

The Stages of IT: Part Two

POST-STARTUP I.T. In Part One of The Stages of IT, we discussed the options for very small businesses and beginning startups. But what’s best for those companies that have made it past the lean years? Well, there are two traditional options:   Hire an IT technician that can be in the office all the time…. Read more »

Ripple ♥’s Mac® & PC Networks

Not so long ago, it was rare to see Macs and PCs in the same office. Rarer still were those Macs that received decent IT support. It was a time when a lot of IT people were saying things like, “Real companies don’t use Apple®” and “Those are toys, not computers“. Thankfully, most are now… Read more »