Vista’s Drop Dead Date

Most of our clients, at our suggestion, have been avoiding upgrading to Windows Vista. Not because we think it’s awful (we don’t), but because we were waiting for the first big service pack to reduce the number of bugs they would have to deal with, and to give software vendors time to get their software… Read more »

Quality vs. Discount Computers

“Can you find us something cheaper?” I hear that a lot from clients when I send them a quote for a  workstation or laptop for one of their employees. Well sure. Of course we can. But is that really the place to focus efforts on cost saving? I don’t think so, and here’s why. Amortization: We… Read more »

Taxes: Section 179 Changes and Small Businesses

Congress has just passed The Economic Stimulus Act of 2008, which includes some significant tax breaks for small businesses. Highlights of the legislation include: Increased section 179 expense amount – Under current law, most small businesses can elect to immediately expense up to $128,000 each year of the cost of furniture and equipment purchased for… Read more »