Case Study: Why DeMoss Chooses Ripple’s IT Support

As a public relations agency, DeMoss handles everything from marketing and advertising to crisis management for their clients. They’ve been serving faith-based causes and organizations as well as not-for-profit organizations since 1991.

Before Ripple, DeMoss was reliant on a small IT company whose quality of service dropped noticeably after the company was acquired. The former IT service provider was unable to help DeMoss after they switched to Mac computers. They also used a ticketing system that treated their customers merely as numbers.

At Ripple, DeMoss was greeted by a team of Mac specialists who not only solved their computer woes, but connected with the company on a personal level. DeMoss was given a team of Ripplers with a breadth of skills who got to know the ins and outs of their company in order to provide more fitting suggestions when it came time for software updates and new technology.

Click the link below for the full case study. For questions or a free consultation with a Rippler, shoot us an email. We’d be happy to help.

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