Case Study: Xenex

It’s the mantra that guides everything we do, from the way we work to how we make IT work for you.

INDUSTRY: Healthcare Sanitation

SIZE: 85-90 Employees

Xenex Disinfection Services is the creator of a unique robot that uses a UV-C disinfection system to reduce the number of healthcare associated infections. Xenex provides its eco-friendly, microorganism-combating services to a number of hospitals around the United States, including Trinity Medical Center and St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center.

Glenn McGonnigle,

General Partner at TechOperators

“Ripple takes care of the day-to-day IT responsibilities so our employees can focus on their work. They are very responsive and take care of problems right away.”

Before Ripple

Starting out in 2008 as a small company, Xenex had big plans to revolutionize healthcare, but no IT provider. They were looking to outsource their IT to a company large enough to monitor and repair the network full time, but personable enough to sit down and strategize with them as they grew. Luckily, they were referred to Ripple in 2012 just as the company began to grow.


Rapid Growth
When Xenex first approached Ripple about setting up their IT, they had 21 employees. Xenex robots are capable of saving half a life per month, and with this in mind, the company is driven to continue their growth in order to save more lives. They were in need of an IT partner that would prepare their network for this type of growth and serve as an asset, not a problem.

As the company grew, they knew they would face many changes. Xenex was looking for an IT service provider that would be personable, offer advice, strategize, and give suggestions for how to improve and use technology to their advantage.

Little Existing Infrastructure
Because they had no IT provider before Ripple, Xenex had very little infrastructure set up in their office. They didn’t have a business class wireless network nor a phone system set in place. The office space itself had little wiring and was in need of some TLC.


Meraki Wireless System
Xenex uses Google apps and Salesforce, both of which are cloud-based, so they need a reliable wireless network to get their work done. When Ripple arrived on the scene, we installed a Meraki wireless system strong enough to handle remote access from the many employees Xenex was looking to hire in the future and allows 24/7 access to the online files with real-time collaboration capabilities.

IT Strategists
When they joined forces with Ripple, Xenex was assigned a team of strategists who worked with them specifically. This team got to know Xenex, from their infrastructure to their future aspirations, and is available to solve problems, offer suggestions, and to brainstorm ways of using new technologies to the company’s advantage.

Added Infrastructure
Upon arrival at Xenex, Ripplers got to work creating the infrastructure that would give the Xenex office’s one heck of a wireless network. This network is comprised of multiple routers for maximum strength (to support the company’s rapid growth) and also handles the office VoIP phone system (OfficeTalk, if you must know!). To make on-boarding of employees as seamless as possible, Ripple has standby computers set-up and ready to deploy.


Seamless Growth
Xenex has grown from a company of 21 people to a company of 90 people over the past two years with the help of Ripple. Ripplers are able to fix problems when or even before they occur. New employees are ready to go as soon as they step in the Xenex office, so that the company can do what it does best, save lives.

Future Plans
Xenex is an amazing company that will keep growing, and Ripple is there to help them navigate the future. Our team of strategists will continue to offer suggestions for new cloud-based applications, order and deploy employee workstations, and identify technologies that can improve the business. That way, all Xenex has to worry about is hiring new people.

Wireless Utopia
The Xenex office is blanketed with an amazing wireless network capable of handling hundreds of employees, whether they’re in the office, working from home or on the road. With this network in place, Ripplers can keep an eye on the traffic and the folks at Xenex can focus on getting their work done from wherever they happen to be.