Email Resurrected…Again

Email is often proclaimed to be dead, so much so that I often assume its replacement is right around the corner. So far, it hasn’t happened. A recent survey found that email dominates as the preferred channel for permission-based messages. #2 is so far behind that it could be an asterisk ( direct mail of all things).

So why is email so pervasive and beloved if it sucks so much that it’s supposed to be dead?

I think it’s for the reason people have clogged inboxes. Email is more than a communication tool, it’s an organization tool. One could argue that it’s a terrible organization tool, but it will hardly matter. For the foreseeable future it is the communication/organization tool of choice for most people.

If you assume that people are saving emails to look at them later, it means two things about email marketing that are important:

1. Your immediate click-through rate might not be as important as you think. Based on the sizes of inboxes that I see, it could be weeks before someone chooses to take action on your newsletter.

2. Permission is more important than ever. It’s something of a privilege to be one of the emails clogging an inbox. It means you were not deleted or unsubscribed, and that means there’s a chance. Once you’ve been unsubscribed, forget it.

Once you get permission, you’ll want to use an email marketing platform that doesn’t undo your great reputation. Ripple‘s favs are Mailchimp and Emma.

Mike Landman is the founder and CEO of Ripple IT. You can find him on Twitter & Google+

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