Favorite Websites: January 2013 Edition

The internet is an amazing resource for free, useful tools to help with everything from finding restaurants to managing your finances. Ripplers are discovering and testing new sites and software on a near-constant basis in order to keep up with the latest innovations. We thought it would be helpful to share a few of our favorite websites with you. Here’s are our picks for January:


1. Skitch is part of the Evernote family. It gives you control over images, screenshots and even videos, allowing you to easily add drawings, annotations and more. You can circle that water damage stain in the cell phone pic of your bathroom ceiling.. or point out the funny thing the cat is doing in that video you made of your new apartment.. or digitally scratch out the face of your ex in that otherwise nice shot of you at the beach before adding it to your dating profile. Oh, and it’s free. Perfect, right?


2. If This Then That interfaces with all the apps and websites you use on a daily basis, and automates some of tedious tasks you have to do in order to catalogue and/or share your posts, pictures and more across multiple platforms. Have your ever favorited a tweeted article and then sent it to your Instapaper account? Or take a photo with Instagram and then email it to yourself to print later? If This Then That can automate all of those things. The makers of IFTTT describe the app as “digital duct tape”. And just like it’s real world equivalent, IFTTT’s uses are seemingly endless. In fact, a number of it’s fans have created some pretty unique and time-saving shortcuts, called Recipes, for the application that are available on the site.


3. Wolfram Alpha is a search engine that answers factual queries directly by computing the results from structured data. Think of it like a search engine for math-based questions. There are a few of these websites out there, but Wolfram Alpha is in our opinion the best of the bunch. Even Apple thinks so. They used Wolfram’s search algorithms to power Siri. And in addition to the search engine, Wolfram Alpha recently launched a new tool that breaks down your Facebook activity into numerous fancy charts and graphs. If nothing else, it’s a window into everything Facebook knows about you.


Those are our selections for January. We hope you find them to be useful, or at least worth investigating. We’ll have another round of favorite websites next month. If you have some that you think we should mention, please comment below with the url. Thanks.

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