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This weekly podcast is centered around simple, elegant and secure tools that increase productivity and help streamline workflows… all is less than three minutes.

Podcast: Ride the Wave


Providing answers to the most common business questions.

Free Guide: Modernizing File Sharing with Google Drive

Flatter Folder Structures Optimize Search

Google Drive supports a search-first, browse-later mentality. Best practices for dealing with traditional file servers call for deeper folder structures that rely on categorization to make browsing easier. When it comes to searching, however, flatter structures are the way to go.

Free Guide: unSuck the Conference Room Experience

Unsuck video conferencing

We’ve tried just about every option when it comes to conferencing solutions. After experiencing GoToWebinar, BlueJeans, Amazon Chime, UberConference, and Google Hangouts, we feel like we know what’s good and what’s terrible. From late start meetings to cumbersome codes, we’ve been through the ringer and want to share our findings.

So we’ve published a guide to show you what we’ve done to make the video conference experience fantastic versus dreadful.


Free Guide: How to Build an Operations Manual using Google Sites

Operations Manual Google Sites

We hear from leadership teams that a central location to store and access relevant information is a must. Further, they want confidence that access to sensitive information is limited, monitored, and managed safely. Lastly, they want some type of way to ensure the information is actually being read and the right people are being notified when new information is available.

We’ve published a guide to assist organizations in planning and optimizing Google Sites as a useful and productive intranet.

Free Guide: Why Upgrade to G Suite Business

Today, current technology leaders who have implemented G Suite across their organization have been asking a common question, “Is this upgrade to G Suite Business just about storage?” Sure, storage certainly plays into the equation from a cost perspective, but there are several additional features and implications of upgrading to G Suite Business.

Free Guide: Choosing between G Suite or Microsoft Office 365

Thinking of replacing your on-premise email or file server with Google Apps for Work Unlimited or Microsoft’s Office 365 suites? What do you need to think about? Click here to access our Free Guide Comparing Google Apps to Office 365.

Free Guide: Unify Office Talk with Slack

If you’ve ever attempted to communicate with your team about a project, you know that email is not always the best place to do so. At the start of the project a surge of messages happens almost instantly and the struggle for everyone to keep up can cause everyone feeling behind. The end result may leave you thinking

Free Cheat Sheet: Office 365 vs G Suite

There’s no question, choosing between G Suite or Office 365 is a deeply challenging and disruptive decision. How your team communicates, shares files, schedules meetings, and stores pertinent data is essentially the bulk of how we all do business. We have found that simplicity, design, and ease of access become the focal points for this decision. Here’s our cheat sheet on how to map your needs to the correct solution.

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