Makerspace Open House in Atlanta

Coders, creatives and entrepreneurs in Atlanta should be interested to know that Freeside hosts a free open house every Tuesday beginning around 7:30 PM.

Located in The Metropolitan warehouses, Freeside is the largest makerspace in the the southeast. We’re talking 6,000 sq/ft, featuring 3D printers, an electronics lab, a classroom, workshop, media lab, two auto bays, a ton of co-working areas and Ripple Free WiFi throughout the building.

Stop by on a Tuesday night to see what it’s all about, and consider becoming a member. The monthly rate is just 80 bucks ($40 for starving tech students), which includes a bunch of benefits like 24/7 access to the building, dedicated storage space, members-only wifi access points, etc. Even if you’re not sure you wanna join up, the open house nights are a great way to meet collaborators, creatives, and some really smart people doing some really cool things.

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