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Positive IT

Rock'em Sock'em Robots | Ripple IT

There are a gazillion ways to promote your company through marketing campaigns. And like the modern US Presidential elections or the Cola Wars, these campaigns generally fall into two categories: positive and negative. The instinct to compare and contrast is great, and it’s not necessarily the wrong way to go. People need to know the… Read more »

To the Bat.. err Ripplemobile!

The Ripple MINI Clubman

First, a rebrand with new logo and site design. Then, a billboard in Midtown, Atlanta. Now, the first Ripple-branded MINI® is on the road! You just might spot our field tech, Alfredo, driving this slick piece of modern machinery around town, but please hold off on getting him to come out until there’s a naturally… Read more »

Making IT Service More Human

More Human IT |Ripple IT

Marketing carries with it the baggage of being a one-way conversation. So, the question for those in the field becomes, “How do I make people aware of something without it seeming like a blatant ad?” For me, personally, I had always assumed that the key was dressing up promotion in flowery descriptions and big words…. Read more »

I Dream of Ripple

Dream Bond Certificate | Ripple IT

Last December, our boss, Mike Landman, introduced The Ripple Team to something he called a Dream Bond. After apologizing for the name, he handed out vouchers worth $500 to each Rippler and our significant others. In the past, our stocking stuffers have all been the latest tech innovations. But before we could boohoo about not… Read more »

Email Resurrected…Again

Email is back | Ripple IT | Mike Landman

Email is often proclaimed to be dead, so much so that I often assume its replacement is right around the corner. So far, it hasn’t happened. A recent survey found that email dominates as the preferred channel for permission-based messages. #2 is so far behind that it could be an asterisk ( direct mail of all… Read more »

The Ripple IT Rebrand

Chip Visits Big Ben | Ripple | IT Support

If you’re here, you can see that we’ve retired our blue and white logo, along with our little friend Chip. Don’t be sad for Chip, he’s traveling the world and doing shots with Count Chocula. If you don’t want to read about our rebranding (who could blame you), just know that we are the same… Read more »