Personal SEO

Most companies are aware by now that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) exists and that they should probably try to do something about getting their companies as well-ranked as possible. For business, there are plenty of SEO firms and inbound marketing tools to chose from.

But what about for people? Do you see what you want to see when people search for you personally? Does your LinkedIn profile show up? Your website? Or do people find some other person or worse yet, inaccurate information?

You could probably enlist an SEO firm to help you, and if you’re a news anchor you probably should. But this weekend I came upon a neat little tool for the rest of us called BrandYourself. It’s not something designed to trick search engines, but a tool that helps you know where you stand, then gives you suggestions and tools to move you to the top of your own rankings. Pretty cool.

Mike Landman is the founder and CEO of Ripple IT. You can find him on Twitter Google

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