Ripple IT and Live Oak Hosting Join Forces

We Ripplers have been keeping hush–hush about something for a little while. But good things take time, and today I’m excited to be posting something really good. As of July 1st, 2013 we are welcoming Live Oak Hosting into the Ripple® family! I could go on and on here about how this will benefit both Live Oak and Ripple customers, but there will be plenty of time for that in the coming weeks. Instead Live Oak Hosting founder Andy Meadows and Ripple CEO Mike Landman have a few words of their own to share.

Live Oak Hosting

A Letter from Live Oak founder Andy Meadows:

In 2 days, on July 4, 2013, Live Oak Hosting will celebrate 10 years of service to our clients.  We started with a simple endeavor – to serve our customers.  Ten years later, we are still starting every day with the same desire and focus – to take care of your hosting needs so you can take care of business.

I am delighted to announce that while our past 10 years has been great, the fun is just beginning.  Today, the entire Live Oak Hosting support team joins Ripple, an Atlanta-based managed IT services firm.  While change can always be daunting, we believe that this means tremendous opportunities are ahead for our clients, our technology partners, and our team.

The Road Ahead
The same team that has answered our phones for years will continue to do so, each and every day (go ahead, call us right now and say “Hello”).  You will continue to hear the same friendly voices, receive the same knowledgeable support, and get the best care we know how to give.  While many things will be exactly as they have been for many years, there are a lot of great new ideas and opportunities just around the corner.

Our clients will benefit from business as usual, but with a broader suite of services and a larger team to lend a hand to more areas than ever before.

Our technology partners will benefit from stronger resources, deeper partnerships, and broader industry knowledge.  We’ll still be here to help you do what you do, and be a true partner every step of the way.

Still have questions?  Don’t worry, we’re still here to answer them.  Just give us a ring at the usual number (877-272-5743) or drop us an email at [email protected]  Keep an ear to the ground for the new folks at Ripple IT.  Mike Landman, their CEO & Founder, runs a great company.  Their mantra is “Humans First” and he means it.

I am truly excited about this new phase of adventure for Live Oak Hosting and know it will bring tremendous benefits to our customers, partners, and team.

Thank you for ten wonderful years of business, conversation, and friendships.  I look forward to them continuing for a lifetime.

All My Gratitude,
Andy Meadows
Founder, Live Oak Hosting


A Letter to Live Oak customers from Ripple founder Mike Landman:

Do no harm.

When Andy and I decided to bring Live Oak Hosting into the Ripple family, this became the first order of business. Live Oak has a 10-year record of amazing customer service, and we are committed to another 10. We will endeavor to do no harm.

Today is a milestone in our 16-year evolution as well, and we’re very excited to continue providing you with great IT and hosting services. I thought perhaps a little roadmap would be a good introduction. So here’s what we plan to do.

1. Keep doing what we’re doing.  You will work with the same folks you love working with today, and get the same great service. You might even get to meet a few new faces in the coming months (faces like these).

2. Learn about you. Over the next few months we’d like to learn as much about your company as possible. Our mission is to help people get important work done, and if we can help you get your important work done, we want to know how.

3. Introduce ourselves. If you like the Live Oak team, I think you’ll like the Ripple team too. We’re not a faceless monolith, but a small team of people that love people. One of the reasons we combined forces is that over the years you have expressed interest in a broader set of IT services. As Andy was preparing for the future, he felt strongly that the future should be someplace that could help Live Oak customers, not merely absorb them. We’re going to do everything in our power to see that his sentiment and legacy are realized.

4. Continually improve. While things will stay mostly status quo for now, we will always look for ways to improve service, products and systems. We are wide open to your feedback about what works, what doesn’t, and what you’d like to see for the future.

I also want you to have my direct contact information. All of your points of contact will be the same as they have been, but if you ever have any questions or feedback for me, I am here to listen. The best way to reach me is via email at: [email protected]

Looking forward to working together!

Mike Landman
Founder/CEO, Ripple IT
Humans First

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