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Slack: The Office Messaging App That Will Change the Way You Communicate

 Collaboration without chaos If you’ve ever attempted to communicate with your team about a project, you know that email is not always the best place to do so. The surge of messages happens almost instantly and the struggle for everyone to keep up can cause responsibilities to become muddy, direction to be lost, and documents… Read more »

Free Spin at Octane Coffee in Atlanta GA

Free Spin at Octane Coffee in Atlanta GA | Ripple IT Service

One of the great things about Ripplers is that they’re all multi-talented people. Our support team alone boasts a professional cellist, amateur app developer, and occasional breakdancer. We love supporting Ripplers outside of the office. That’s why we’re particularly excited about this coming Friday. Josh Flail, our Marketing Coordinator, and his crate digging friends will… Read more »

The No-Spy Method to Managing a Mobile Workforce

James Bond Hates Spyware

As a two-year veteran Rippler, I’ve quickly become a strong advocate for the work-anywhere or, more specifically, results-only movement. It’s something that I end up talking about on a weekly and sometimes daily basis. And of course, as the content creator for Ripple, I often write articles and make videos about how our adoption of… Read more »

A Sick Day at Ripple

What’s a sick day like when you work for a results-only company? I can answer that. First, let me start out by mentioning how at other jobs getting sick often meant either coming into the office with a cold, or worrying whether a day of recovery would cost me some vacation time. And taking two… Read more »

Living in the Real World is Hard Work

Atlanta Tech Village | IT Support | Atlanta GA

Way to state the obvious, huh? Let me elaborate. Something I notice often these days, maybe because I have children of elementary school age who spend WAY too much time glued to a laptop or iPad screen, is the big difference between how quickly and easily things can be done and undone in the digital… Read more »

Ripple IT and Live Oak Hosting Join Forces

We Ripplers have been keeping hush–hush about something for a little while. But good things take time, and today I’m excited to be posting something really good. As of July 1st, 2013 we are welcoming Live Oak Hosting into the Ripple® family! I could go on and on here about how this will benefit both… Read more »

Ripple and ROWE: My Results-Only Experience

Joshua Flail |Ripple IT Support | Atlanta GA

We talk a lot (I hope not too much) about how Ripplers love working in a results-only work environment. We really do. But there’s still a number of people I know who just can’t wrap their heads around the concept; let alone understand why I’d choose to write a blog post at 9PM on a… Read more »

Ripple Moves Into the ATV

It’s an exciting and historic month for us Ripplers, and for Ripple as a company. As of last Monday, we are officially tentants of Atlanta Tech Village. We passed out some shirts during Free Lunch Friday to celebrate, and will be doing the same this week. Our buddies at DANGER printed these up super fast… Read more »