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Autorun Malware Spreading on Windows Machines

Autorun Malware | Windows

In an unexpected turn of events, antivirus vendors are once again warning customers of spreading malware that can infect computers through a well-known bug in Windows Autorun software. This is particularly surprising given that the Autorun function has been disabled in Windows 7 and Windows 8 PCs. Perhaps an even more curious detail is that Microsoft… Read more »

Apple’s iOS 6 Improves Privacy

iOS 6 | Apple | Ripple IT

So, Apple’s new Maps app isn’t that great, but one of the things they got right with iOS 6 is the revamping of their privacy settings. First off, it’s a lot easier to find the settings and make changes. Second, the revamp gives you more control over things like tracking. And third, Apple fixed a… Read more »

Critical Microsoft Updates

Microsoft Update Tuesday - Ripple IT Services

On Tuesday, Microsoft issued seven updates that eliminate vulnerabilities in Word, Office, Windows, SharePoint Server, SQL Server and more, including a security flaw in Word used to attack the company’s own online services. One such updated is being called “critical,” Microsoft’s highest threat ranking, while the others are simply labeled as “important.” The critical update… Read more »

Google Chrome Malware

Google Chrome | Ripple IT

Google Chrome users are urged to be wary of a malware-infected, web-based version of Rovio’s Bad Piggies. Barracuda Labs found that a free version of the game, with the full title of Angry Birds Bad Piggies, contains malicious code that infects users of the popular Chrome browser. According to them, the game installs an ad injector that replaces original… Read more »

Samsung Galaxy Security Update

iPhone and Android Smartphones

According to a researcher in the Security in Communications department at Technical University Berlin, a malicious code circulating the internet could make Samsung Galaxy S2 and S3 phones vulnerable to a flaw, allowing their personal data to be deleted from their device. The researcher showed how the flaw could be exploited using just a single code embedded… Read more »

LastPass, UnPwned

Lastpass & Unpwned Team Up

This week LastPass announced a partnership with PwnedList, a website which identifies  hacked accounts. PwnedList will make available its continuously updated database so that LastPass users can receive notifications for any username/password combinations that have been compromised. Amber Gott, a LastPass spokesperson, explained how the new service will work: “We do batch checking nightly, against… Read more »

Viruses,Trojans, and Rootkits… Oh my!

Scareware: Fake Antivirus Software

When it comes to computers, the term used to describe nasty infections is “Malware.” But what exactly is malware? Well, it’s a nebulous term touted by techies, bloggers, and even mainstream media outlets for nearly everything created to harm your system. But that definition is a bit too vague to understand. In an effort to… Read more »

Change Your DropBox Password

Change your Dropbox Password | Ripple IT

DropBox has announced that a number of usernames and passwords stolen from other websites have been used to hack into DropBox accounts. This came to their attention a few weeks ago when people reported receiving spam from a number of email addresses. As it turns out, one of the stolen passwords was that of… Read more »