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Why Small Teams Trump Big Groups

Small Teams Trump Big Groups | Ripple IT Support

We’ve found that the best way to get work done is to assign small teams to a task and let them find the best solution. It’s a philosophy that’s helps us both solve IT issues and determine the next person we hire. Building A Team of Experts Oftentimes, companies want to hire the most well-rounded… Read more »

Cloud File Sharing for Business

Cloud File Sharing for Companies | IT Support

Over the last 5 years, as we helped our clients move their critical IT systems to the cloud, most ended up with a single server still in their office – the fileserver. Sharing files that you work on via local applications (QuickBooks, Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite, etc.) is painful if your fileserver is in… Read more »

Losing Fat Versus Losing Weight

A fat cat

Most people in the US think they need to lose weight. But what they really need to lose is fat. Losing fat is the surest way to achieve what most folks really want, which is to look good in a bathing suit (or naked!). I promise this is about business, stick with me. Unfortunately, most… Read more »

5 Tips on How to Improve Network Security

Homer Barlett Talks IT Service in Atlanta | Ripple

With recent news of attacks on sites such as Wells Fargo and Twitter, improving network security should be a top priority for any company. And when you’re a small business, such an attack could mean the difference between staying afloat and not. So – how should you go about improving network security around the office?… Read more »

Why Some Companies Are Scared To Go ROWE

ROWE | Ripple IT

Many companies are beginning to see the benefits of enacting a results-only policy, but there are still some that are either confused about the concept, or simply afraid of what ROWE might reveal about their employees and how they manage them. The most important aspect of a Results-Only Work Environment is the emphasis on personal responsibility. In… Read more »

Why Small Businesses Need IT Support

Sometimes IT is treated like secondary concern by small business owners who’ve recently made it through the lean, DIY startup years. They might see IT as an option rather than a necessity. But when the first meltdown occurs, like a server crashing or email going offline, owners begin to realize they need some kind of… Read more »

The Emperor’s Customer Service Metrics for IT Support

Why metrix are BS - Ripple IT Support

Nearly every customer service company publishes or presents some metrics. Internally they display them, report on them, and use them for determining who is and isn’t doing their job. Externally they use them to show prospective clients how great their service is, and report them to existing clients so they know they’re getting what they’re… Read more »