Ripple IT Service Monitoring and Support

Ripplers use some pretty cool software to remotely manage, monitor, and support your computers and network. The Ripple Agent installs on your computer and allows us to remotely service, update and protect it. We can use the agent to initiate a remote control session when you need help, but otherwise it just sits there and alerts us to any potential problems looming, like low disk space.

The Ripple Agent resides in the menu bar (Mac) ripple_icon_mac_on or taskbar (Windows) ripple_icon_pc_on

When you click (Mac) or right-click (Windows) the agent, you get some options: You can either click Get Help Now or the second option to open an online support case form where you can tell us what you need. Or you can call the phone number displayed.

We never remote control your computer without your explicit permission, either at a time you tell us is okay, or while we’re on the phone with you. Nevertheless if you are concerned about us remote controlling at inopportune moments you are welcome to disable remote control.

When you do the icon will look like this (Windows) ripple_icon_pc_disabled or this (Mac) ripple_icon_mac_disabled

Once a month we approve new Microsoft updates and security patches (after reading the change notes and known conflicts to ensure one won’t break something) and our system automatically pushes these out to your computer.

If an update require you to reboot, there’ll be an alert that looks like this (Mac) ripple_icon_mac_noconnect or this (Windows) ripple_icon_pc_noconnect

If you keep ignoring the alert your computer will definitely start acting squirrelly, so let it reboot as soon as you can. Use it as an excuse to get up and take a walk, do some deep breathing exercises, whatever helps you stay focused and alert.

If you ever have questions about the Ripple agent, or how we can better help you, please don’t hesitate to email [email protected] or call 404.892.0129.

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