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7 Steps To Better Video Conferencing

Video conferencing can be fraught with technical difficulties, as well as problems you have a little more control over. Read our quick guide to having a better video conference experience.

Yup, It’s Time to Purchase a CRM

It’s a big challenge to manage contacts. You’re not alone and here’s where most start: Stacks of sticky notes A large time consuming spreadsheet Multiple people doing the same work with no collaboration Sad face Why is it so hard?! Contacts could be colleagues, business partners, leads, vendors, or just folks that you speak to… Read more »

(Not so) Stupid Siri Trick

So you found an iPhone and being the honest responsible adult you are you want to get it back to its owner, but the owner has (smartly) enabled the lock screen and you can’t get into it to find out who owns it. What to do? Siri to the rescue! She has a special Siri… Read more »