Chris is the Service Manager. Outside of Ripple, he’s dabbled in Music, Video games, and tends to spend time telling his young kids to stop putting their hands in spaghetti sauce and paint on the walls!


Chris’s family has always been both musically and mechanically inclined. He’s the first in the family to graduate from College. He was heavily interested in writing in his younger years and won many awards for his short stories; the most notable one having been displayed at the Capital in Washington D.C. for a summer. He has a B.S in Psychology from Georgia State, which he achieved while pursuing a music career. After working odd jobs out of college (that music career didn’t take off like he hoped) he worked with his Dad for 7 years as a mechanic -but being covered in motor oil wasn’t for him. So he went back to school for an IT degree after years of dabbling in computers on the side. He started with Ripple in 2007, a few months before graduating, and has been learning and growing in the field ever since.

Three words that describe Chris:

Synergist, unfiltered, and salty beer.

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