The Flat-fee, Unlimited IT Support Service Model

One of the questions we get asked by potential clients is, “Why don’t you offer a dedicated on-site IT person, or a block-time level of service?” Well, we believe that offering a flat-fee, upfront and all-inclusive IT service is the best solution for small-to-midsize companies who want to give their people the right support and tools needed to get their jobs done. These companies can leverage IT to stay productive, keep employees happy and ultimately grow the business. Here’s just a few of the reasons why our Beyond Support (TM) service works for small and midsize businesses, and why other models fall short.

  • Outsourcing IT support can be beneficial to your peace of mind. Knowing that should IT issues arise, they will be resolved quickly and easily is a pretty good feeling. Rather than having just one in-house tech to rely on, outsourcing to an IT service provider gives you a team of individuals with a wide breadth of skills and expertise who can help more than one person at a time. And knowing that these experts are there to help with any IT issue ensures your people will be a lot less frustrated and good deal more productive.
  • Having hired, dedicated on-site IT support personnel can not only be costly, but also difficult to manage. You will have to make difficult hiring decisions and/or provide additional employee training on your systems. You’ll have to pay these employees a salary and likely benefits as well. And then there’s the performance evaluations to consider. It’s not easy to judge the performance of an employee who exists outside of your industry. But the real truth of the matter is that 99% of all IT issues that Ripplers resolve can be done from a remote location. And when we need to send someone out, well, we have guys whose only job it is to go on-site when necessary.
  • A lot of on-site and help desk services require a signed six month or longer contract when choosing to work with them. That’s most often a way to lock you into something you might very well be unsatisfied with, and makes it difficult to switch over to another service. Choosing an IT service provider is a big deal, and if you’re not happy with their performance then you shouldn’t be trapped into staying with them. We go month-to-month with every level of service we offer. That’s because we only want to work with companies that want to work with us. Anything else would just be bad business.

When considering outsourcing IT support, keep in mind that establishing a working relationship with a managed IT provider allows access to a much larger team of engineers than you could employee on your own. This is a huge advantage because it puts more technical expertise at your fingertips. Thus, the staff of your IT service provider can work in collaboration with you and your people when addressing IT infrastructure, concerns, and solutions.

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