Ripple Podcast: Three Minute Apps

Strengthen you core with Three Minute Apps

This weekly podcast is centered around simple, elegant and secure tools that increase productivity and help streamline workflows… all in less than three minutes.

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ASANA: Three Minute Apps

Asana is a project management tool that is available on the web and any mobile device. We talk about three key features in less than three minutes! Learn more about ASANA here.

Dialpad: Three Minute Apps

Dialpad is a pure-cloud business communication platform that’s in tune with the way your team works today—whether it’s from the back of an Uber, in line for a coffee, or flying over the Atlantic. Try it for free: https://dialpad.com/signup


Lattice: Three Minute Apps

Although it can be challenging and a lot of work to find the right staff, it can be equally challenging to keep them. Today we’re going to talk about Lattice which is a performance management tool that lets your team, your management, and leadership organize what is expected of them and understand how they’re performing.


Zoom: Three Minute Apps

We’ve tried just about every option when it comes to conferencing solutions. From GoToWebinar, BlueJeans, Amazon Chime, UberConference, and Google Hangouts, we’ve tried it all. We’ve landed on Zoom. It’s our recommended best is best conferencing tool. It just works and eliminates most of what sucks about meetings. Nothing is perfect, but Zoom is damn close.


Slack: Three Minute Apps

Slack is a central hub for most (if not all) of your day-to-day business communication. If utilized correctly, project meetings, water-cooler discussions, and office announcements will become less time consuming. From dragging and dropping files or links to performing quick searches relevant to project ideas, it’s a very solid attempt at reshaping how we communicate outside of email and chat.

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