What is the True Cost of IT Services?

How much should a small business pay for IT?

As a small business owner, you know what an invaluable asset your office manager is. They wear many different hats, from making sure all aspects of the business are in sync to making Sure the coffee in the break room is stocked. Another common role that office managers fall into is managing the IT services for all the employees.

If this is where your business is at, you might not see the problem.

They’ve been handling things so long, and it seems to be working pretty well, so you’re not sure if partnering with an outside IT solution is worth the investment.

Answer these questions to start to get a gauge on if this investment is worth the next step.

  1. Is your office manager overtasked with IT issues and not able to focus on their true day-to-day work to keep the business running?
  2. Are you employees inefficient or unproductive because “dealing with IT” issues are a time suck?
  3. Is your business secure?

Sure you’re saving money by keeping IT strategy and management in-house but at what cost?


Is an IT Partnership Worth the Investment?

If you couldn’t definitively answer no the questions above, then it’s worth the investment.

However, every business has different needs, from the amount of staff that needs support to the equipment they need to get their jobs done, so partnering with a managed IT services company is a step that is often daunting. Or worse, not a priority until disaster strikes.

The question you have to ask yourself is, “What more could we get with an outside IT support company?

In our latest ebook , we dive into that worst case scenario and how it could have been prevented.


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The Average Cost of IT Support Services

The average cost of IT support services depends on the company you’re working with and how they bill their services.

It can also depend on an IT company’s lineage. Some IT support
companies have come from being in a break it – fix it model. You’re paying for a support service.

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