IT Your Whole Company
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IT that’s strategic


IT that executes


IT that’s friendly and helpful

IT gets in the way of strategy


IT gets in the way of strategy, which is wrong

To have strategic IT, your IT partner has to understand what you're really trying to accomplish – not just an IT strategy, a business strategy. You need a real plan.


You spend too much time dealing with IT

To really get things done, IT needs to be able to execute. Without a lot of supervision. That's where our onbaording a project teams come in to take things off of your plate.


Your team avoids your IT partner

If your people hate calling IT, they won't. And when they don't, it means things are going undone. Chaos will unwind even the best made plan.

Ripple has given us great ideas for improving our processes and technology, which allows us to focus on our work.
Becky O'Mara,
Project Manager at Matchstic
Ripple makes it so we don’t have to stress about anything beyond growing and improving Pardot.
David Cummings,
Founder at Pardot
Ripple did a great job getting our team set up and prepared to work remotely before the shutdown. When it was decided we should work remotely, we were set and ready to go without a glitch!
Marie Smith,
Office Manager at Southeast Capital Companies
Ripple allows me to keep Matchstic pure and focus solely on what we do, which is the best way to run a business.
Craig Johnson,
Chief Strategist at Matchstic
We do business with Ripple because they are people we trust. Not only did they install our entire wireless system, but they provide us with ongoing support.
Karen Houghton,
VP of Atlanta Tech Village
The most valuable part for me is the ability to focus on my work and not have to worry about issues I don’t know how to fix; the Ripple team delivers that completely.
Rusty Holcombe,
CEO, Holcombe Financial
Ripple has proven to be a fantastic IT partner and has made my life a lot easier. They go above and beyond for our firm.
Rob Forrester,
COO at The DeMoss Group

Ripple helps you:

Have a plan

Expert advice to help you plan the next steps for your business.

Get things done

Actually delivering on those plans on paper. What a relief.

Make support easy

Everything from servers to handhelds, cloud to wiring closet.

We understand that a lot of companies feel burned by picking the wrong IT partner.
It’s frustrating, expensive, and makes everything harder.

Take it from some companies that decided to their IT.

EcoHealth needs to support their NYC headquarters, and their scientists and team members around the world. Ripple helps them get it done.

Matchtic is a brand identity house who needs a partner that understands creative agencies and their special needs. They choose Ripple.

Atlanta Tech Village is the 4th largest technology hub in the United States, and they needed a network that could keep up. They called Ripple.

Just 3 easy steps to modern IT that your whole company will ♥

1. Schedule a Consultation

Schedule a consultation and get a plan.

2. Easy Transition

Our onboarding team does all the heavy lifting for a smooth transition.

3. Back to Work

Your whole team gets back to work with IT they ♥

Want to know more about modern security for the new world of work?

Learn how a modern, zero-trust network let's you have the confidence to let your team work from anywhere.

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Want to know more about modern security for the new world of work?

Learn how a modern, zero-trust network let's you have the confidence to let your team work from anywhere.

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