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Why Some Companies Are Scared To Go ROWE

ROWE | Ripple IT

Many companies are beginning to see the benefits of enacting a results-only policy, but there are still some that are either confused about the concept, or simply afraid of what ROWE might reveal about their employees and how they manage them. The most important aspect of a Results-Only Work Environment is the emphasis on personal responsibility. In… Read more »

Advantages to Having a Flexible Workforce

VPN. Cloud computing. VoIP. Telecommuting. These are all examples of how people can work where they want to, when they want to. Being a Results-Only Work Environment, or ROWE, we judge the performance of our employees on just one thing: results. It’s a simple philosophy that’s showing up in more and more industries, including some… Read more »

Google Chromebook – Just Another Netbook?

Samsung Chromebook review by Ripple IT Support

You’ve likely heard of Google Chromebooks already, but if you haven’t you can think of them as netbooks designed to run pretty much nothing but a web browser. That’s simplistic, I know, they can do more than that, but I think that is the key to their utility now and their feasibility for businesses into… Read more »

The Coming Death of Check-in Services

Foursquare | Check-In

Remember when you checked-in at every restaurant, event space, and heck even your house from your phone? If not, don’t worry. That trend is slowly dying before it ever had the chance to become something your mom and dad got into. Whew. Foursquare was the leader of these kind of location-based apps, but has been… Read more »

New York Tech Day 2013

NYC Tech Day | Ripple IT

NY Tech Day is like a massive science fair for entrepreneurs to exhibit their startups. This year it will be held on Thursday, April 25th at Pier 92, and will welcome 450+ startups, 10,000 attendees, Angels, Investors, Venture Capitalists, Hordes of Press, Job Seekers, and Technical Talent. The 2011 inaugural expo completely sold out New York’s Lexington… Read more »

Favorite Websites: April 2013 Edition

Our Favorite Sites | Ripple IT

The internet is a great resource for useful tools to help with everything from email management to making a grocery list. Ripplers are discovering new sites and software on a near-constant basis in an effort to keep up with the latest and greatest innovations and IT solutions. So, we’re sharing a couple of our favorite websites each… Read more »

Big Data Week 2013 in Atlanta

Big Data Week

Big Data Week, an international touring conference featuring a series of events and meetups, will be in Atlanta starting April 22nd and will continue through the 28th. If you’re unfamiliar with the now three-year running event, which this year is being produced by media140 Worldwide, here’s the description from the official BDW site: Big Data Week is… Read more »