Monthly Archives: October 2016

About Time: Twitter Changes Character Limit

Twitter Changes Character Limit | Ripple IT

Welcome to 2016, You Beautiful Blue Bird Twitter hasn’t changed much since its early days. Sure, now we have cover photos and other visual overhauls, but that key component, the 140-character messaging, has been stagnant over the course of all these updates. While this concept of super short form is what made the site what… Read more »

Ripple Custom Portals

Custom Ripple Portals | Ripple IT

A Secure and Simple Solution, Custom Built for You Ripple offers custom portals and virtual workstations. These computers and interfaces can be tailor-made to any specifications, and provide a one-stop shop for any software or service your team might need. Plus, Ripple workstations come with integrated Office 365 and secure single sign-ons, making them the… Read more »

Slack Starter Pack: 5 Tools to Get Going

Slack Starter Pack 5 Tools to Get Going | Ripple IT

Nearly every month, an app is introduced that promises to revolutionize the way we work. Best case scenario? It’s total BS and you can move on with your life. There’s a slim chance though that your worst fears will come true and it might be actually worthwhile. This means creating a login (boo!), downloading a… Read more »