It is an investment, not an

If your goals include increasing productivity, streamlining workflows, and improving efficiency, then we’re definitely on the same page. Great IT is an investment in your people, and Ripple helps keep them happy and productive.

We help people, not

It’s our job to help people get their work done, not just fix things when they break. And that philosophy is at the core of being a Rippler. We’re not just IT experts; we’re people-people.

Ripple and ROWE

We’re a Result-Only Work Environment. That means Ripplers work where they want, when they want, so long as the work gets done. ROWE demands the highest levels of personal responsibility, expects everyone to be ass-kickers, and rewards that by treating people like adults.

We love our team, and we think you will too.

Ripplers are a diverse group with one very important thing in common: They get results. Meet our team of IT experts and learn what makes them tick.

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Mike Landman
Founder & CEO

Mike Landman founded Ripple in 1997 and dedicated himself to two propositions: That IT should be about serving people instead of computers, and that people should have the freedom to do their best work. He’s an active member of Entrepreneurs' Organization, most recently serving on the board of directors as President of the Atlanta chapter.

When he’s not Rippling, Mike can be found in Atlanta at Octane Westside, sipping on a macchiato, or in a quiet New York bar, supervising the build of his Manhattan. Stirred, for Pete's sake.

Say Hello to Mike | @MikeLandman

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Jayesh Dave
VP of Consulting

Jayesh the the VP of Consulting. His primary focus is to sell, architect, and implement solutions that keep our clients productive. When not at Ripple, Jayesh's primary focus is being the best father and husband he can be.


He's lived all over the country and has been in Atlanta since '95. He attended Georgia Tech and graduated in 2000 with a Bachelors in Computer Science. He's been in technology consulting since 1997. In 2003 he started his own consulting company. In 2004, he combined efforts with our now CTO, Aiman, to build Avision. He then sold Avision to Ripple in 2016.

Three words that describe Jayesh:

Grateful, driven, teammate.

Say Hello to Jayesh
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Aiman Iswaisi
Chief Technology Officer
Who? Aiman is our COO and tester of all things. He is a proud father of 3, and coaches all three kids' soccer teams. Aiman enjoys playing soccer, trains in Muay Thai and is a Latin dance machine. He's also a hardcore Atlanta Falcons fan (Rise Up!). Where? Aiman came to us when Avision Technologies joined the Ripple Family in the spring of 2016. Aiman has been working in the IT field since 1996 and, after graduating from Georgia State University, Aiman began channeling his experience and passion for IT into creative ways to help people. Aiman teaches fellow Ripplers to work hard to find the best answers daily and is always ready to lend a helping hand. Three words that describe Aiman: Precise, passionate, big hearted.

Say hi to Aiman!

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José Collado
Project Team Manager

Jose is the Project Team Manager. He balances team work life vs client projects and is always working to make all humans happy. When not at Ripple, he's doing the family life: kids ( Milan is 4 and Olivia is 19 months), wife and now a new puppy.  He also works on things around the house or on his car, read books (good or bad) and watches film/documentaries.  His favorite thing is when he gets together with friends to work on movie scripts and do some small camera work and/or post-production.  When he has down time or private bathroom time he likes to read medical journals.


Born in Santiago, Chile.  Jose moved to the USA (Miami to precise) at the age of 4.  He then moved to Michigan at the age of 9 and then  to Georgia at the age of 15.  He was able to excel in a number of sports ranging from Hockey to Basketball to Football and was able to play in some all state championships.   He studied for 3 years with a minor in Psychology until he realized he did not want to do this line of work for the rest of his life.  So had odd jobs ranging from mechanic, fork lift operator, concession stand at Braves stadium, and sandwich maker at Subway.  He finally went with his next passion in  documentaries and photography.  He went back to Chile for 6 years and got his masters in Cinematography where he learned about photography, script writing, camera work, set design, graphic design, aesthetics, human behavior, etc. He was awarded at the Kodak film festival for work in photography on one of his films. He wrote a children's story that was adapted in Spain as a children's animated series. He was then offered to continue his film work on a 2 year production in Madagascar which he had to refuse for health reasons. He came back to Georgia and worked in television.  Then he started with a small hispanic local TV station and then some freelance jobs with CNN.  It was at that time that he was offered the opportunity to work in technology with Aiman and have a more steady career.  He has now been in the tech industry coming up on 11 years.

Three words that describe Jose

Weird! Light hearted, positive, sarcastic, jokester, introvert that typically acts like an extrovert, observer, over analyzer of situations and other behaviors. Dedicated and faithful to family and friends. To be honest I'm still trying to figure my self out.  Good luck.

Say hi to Jose!

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Curt Phillips
Senior Network Architect

Curt is a Senior Network Architect. When he's not at Ripple, he can be found at the Gym, being a trainer, playing soccer, or watching a comic hero movie.


Curt is originally from Trinidad. He spent some time living in NYC and went to Cornell for Electrical Engineering. He then moved to ATL and worked for Mindspring/Earthlink until he found Ripple.

Three words that describe Curt:

Blunt, uninhibited, and intelligent.

Say Hello to Curt
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James Arnold
Senior Systems Engineer

James is a Senior Systems Engineer. He assists the Project Team with systems deployments and the Support Team with escalated issues. He enjoys being outdoors as much as possible. He and his wife enjoy hiking or bike riding at nearby parks. Providence Canyon, Sweetwater Creek and Pine Mountain are a few of their favorite spots. A couple nights a week, he plays bass guitar in a band with some friends.

Three words that describes James:

Devoted, compassionate, stubborn.

Say Hello to James
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Andres Lemus
Senior Systems Engineer

Andres is a Senior Systems Engineer. He's also a project implementation member, and helps direct the Support team to the right answers. Outside of Ripple, Andres enjoys kayaking, camping, and making improvements around the house. He also enjoys watching a good movie (don't we all?)


Andres was born in Tepic, Nayarit, Mexico. He moved to Georgia as a young boy and has live in GA since. He's also a graduate from Georgia State University and currently resides in Smyrna, GA.

Three words that describe Andres:

Direct, persevering, and goof.

Say hello to Andres!

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Joan Black
Director of Partnerships

Learn more about Joan soon!

Say Hello to Joan
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Corey Pugh
Strategic Account Executive

Corey is a Strategic Business Manager. When he's not at Ripple, he can be found trout, bass, shore, and deep sea fishing -really any kind of fishing! Corey's a big fan of all ATL sports teams and loves spending time with his family.


Corey has been with Ripple since 2011 and often uses the title Technology Psychiatrist to describe how he instills the human aspect to relationship sales and ongoing client satisfaction. No he doesn’t help folks with internet addictions, but instead listens, evaluates and prescribes technology solutions to help organizations and the people within it become better. Born and raised in the “A” town he loves to spend his time trout "catching" in the Georgia mountains, enjoying a cold beer while cheering on the local sports teams, and living vicariously through his sons college adventures. He and his wife Karen live in Cumming and are currently empty nesters while both adult “kids” are off creating their own life experiences.

Three words that describe Corey

Friendly, caring, and funtimes.

Say hi to Corey!

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Kim Street-Robison
Client Services Manager
Who? Kim is the Client Services Manager which means she oversees the Client services lifecycle and how finance, procurement, and strategy responds to and evolves the client experience. It is the sole responsibility of the Client Services Manager to ensure all Clients are treated like a human.  When not at Ripple, she can be found enjoying a horror movie, cuddling with her dogs, kayaking, hiking, and dancing (music optional). Where? Originally from Dunedin, Florida, Kim joined Ripple in May 2014 after graduating with B.S. in Business Administration. She lives in the suburbs of NW Atlanta with husband (Kyle), 3 huge dogs (Leroy, Otis, and Remy Jeff), and our Three-Striped Mud Turtle (Littlefoot). Three words that describe Kim: Crazy dog lady but also silly, kind, affectionate!
Say Hello to Kim
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Max Hermes
Support Coordinator

Max is a Project Manager. She collaborates with clients and engineers on timelines and plan out project phases. She coordinates check-in meetings between clients and engineers, schedules out all project tickets, coordinates with all third parties involved in projects, and generally tries to keep the ball rolling on all of our longer projects. While not at Ripple, Max is a painter, fire performer, and writes/directs/puts on shows dealing with theatrical performance art. She also hosts art shows, spends a lot of time gardening, and playing video games.


Originally from Connecticut, Max went to Southern Polytechnic and Georgia State for a plethora of science degrees. She's a former geologist and document control specialist, but likes the speed of Project Management a lot better.

Three words that describe Max:

Organized Creative ...

Say hi to Max!

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Chris Moody
Support Team Manager
Who? Chris is the Service Manager. Outside of Ripple, he's dabbled in Music, Video games, and tends to spend time telling his young kids to stop putting their hands in spaghetti sauce and paint on the walls! Where? Chris's family has always been both musically and mechanically inclined. He's the first in the family to graduate from College. He was heavily interested in writing in his younger years and won many awards for his short stories; the most notable one having been displayed at the Capital in Washington D.C. for a summer. He has a B.S in Psychology from Georgia State, which he achieved while pursuing a music career. After working odd jobs out of college (that music career didn't take off like he hoped) he worked with his Dad for 7 years as a mechanic -but being covered in motor oil wasn't for him. So he went back to school for an IT degree after years of dabbling in computers on the side. He started with Ripple in 2007, a few months before graduating, and has been learning and growing in the field ever since. Three words that describe Chris: Synergist, unfiltered, and salty beer.
Say Hello to Chris
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Anthony Hart
Support Specialist

Anthony (Ant) is a Support Specialist. Or, as he puts it, "I help people when their computer is rude." Outside of Ripple, Ant enjoys video games, hanging with friends, taking care of his dog, and messing around with his home computer lab.


Anthony was was born on Long Island but moved to the Georgia when he was 6 and has been here ever since. He studied IT at Georgia Southern for a spell, then spent 5 years waiting tables and learning a lot about working with customers before joining Ripple.

Three words that describe Ant:

Cheerful, Polite, and Wild Boar.

Say Hello to Anthony
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David Spivey
Support Specialist

David is a Project Team member. When not getting Rippley with it, he enjoys outdoor activities, watching and attempting to play sports, listening to music, going car shows and auctions, traveling, spending time with friends and family, and helping others.


David was born and raised in the Atlanta area. He went to Georgia State University and then spent 10 years doing various jobs at Delta Airlines which taught him all about customer service. He left Delta to move into the IT field and has been doing IT related work for 5 years now. He started with Ripple in August 2016.

Three words that describe David:

Dedicated, Determined, Dependable.

Say hello to David!

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Brian Simmons
Support Specialist

Learn more about Brian soon!

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Jumaan Waters
Support Specialist

Jumaan is a Support Specialist. Outside of Ripple he likes to keep his eyes and ears open.


Born and raised in New Jersey, Jumaan went to Rutgers for journalism and film. He stumbled clumsily into IT and it stuck. Was a Rippler in NYC from 2011-2014 and now is back!

Three words that describe Jumaan:

Nasty, brutish, and short.

Say hello to Jumaan!

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Tamon Ford
Support Specialist

Tamon is a Support Specialist. Outside of Ripple, he plays competitive sports. Well... Esports that is. So, he's big on video games. He also dabbles in various different arts and loves a good D&D party. Other than that stuff; he likes to build media servers.


Originally from a small rural town in Alabama. Tamon lived there until his family moved to the big city (Birmingham) while he was in 3rd grade. He lived there until 2015 when he moved to Atlanta.

Three words that describe Tamon:

Waaaay outta sight!

Say hi to Tamon

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Justin Losey
Support Specialist

Learn more about Justin soon!

3 Times Inc. 5000 & Channel
Futures Winner!

When you’re good, you’re just good! But please, don’t take it from us. Inc. Magazine and Channel & Futures have honored us three years in a row.


Jobs with the Ripple IT team

Being a ROWE company, we are duty-bound to hire only the very best people. People who are not only great at what they do, but are also self-directed, motivated, and think strategically. So our hiring process is methodical, personal, and, well, long. Check back here for a list of open positions as they become available.

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