Why Small Businesses Need IT Support

Sometimes IT is treated like secondary concern by small business owners who’ve recently made it through the lean, DIY startup years. They might see IT as an option rather than a necessity. But when the first meltdown occurs, like a server crashing or email going offline, owners begin to realize they need some kind of… Read more »

A ROWE Newbie at Ripple

I will never forget logging on to the Ripple website for the first time when I was learning about them. I clicked on the Jobs tab and up comes this explanation of why they’re a ROWE. Huh? As I read about this foreign concept of Results-Only Work Environment, I thought “This has got to be… Read more »

A Rippler Goes Out on Tour

Why do we Ripplers love our Results-only Work Environment so much? Because it allows talented people, like Human Support Specialist Bryan Gibson, to follow their dreams while simultaneously holding down a day job. Bryan is a perfect example of someone who thrives in a ROWE company. He’s a working musician who works fulltime at Ripple. Something that… Read more »

Beware Scam Invoices

We’ve seen plenty of fake “renew your domain before it’s too late” letters sent to clients over the years. Busy business people who don’t know or can’t remember their domain registrar often mistakenly pay the invoice and next thing they know their domain has been transferred to the scammer company and if they’re lucky it… Read more »

Favorite Websites: January 2013 Edition

The internet is an amazing resource for free, useful tools to help with everything from finding restaurants to managing your finances. Ripplers are discovering and testing new sites and software on a near-constant basis in order to keep up with the latest innovations. We thought it would be helpful to share a few of our favorite websites… Read more »

Ripple IT Service Monitoring and Support

Ripplers use some pretty cool software to remotely manage, monitor, and support your computers and network. The Ripple Agent installs on your computer and allows us to remotely service, update and protect it. We can use the agent to initiate a remote control session when you need help, but otherwise it just sits there and… Read more »

Travel Tips from the Ripple IT Support Team

Photograph courtesy of www.ruemag.com When traveling for business, on vacation, or visiting family for the holidays, it’s important to be cautious with your gear. That includes everything from your luggage to your laptop. We Ripplers have a few tips to help you avoid the traveling blues by keeping your technology safe and secure. 1. Save… Read more »

Gift Ideas from the Ripple IT Support Team

With many people celebrating the holidays in December, we at Ripple thought we’d share some of the high-tech doodads and gadgets that caught our eye this year. Oh, and let us know if you have any particularly kickass gift ideas of your own by leaving a message (with link) in the comments section. FITBIT ONE |… Read more »