Case Study: Matchstic

Industry: Branding | Size: 12-15 Employees

Matchstic is a premier brand identity house located in Atlanta, GA specializing in brand positioning, brand strategy, naming and brand identity services. Their staff is a mixture of full-time, part-time, and freelance employees who work in the office, on the road, and sometimes from home.

Before Ripple

Matchstic was reliant on a single person who serviced them along with a number of other businesses in the area. Unfortunately, one guy wasn’t enough to keep up with support, nor was he able to do any proactive assessments of their equipment and processes. People would have to wait until he was in the office to get help, which created a lot of employee downtime, as well as a good amount of frustration.


Internal Communication Issues
Matchstic folk were having issues with their email and calendars, making things like scheduling meetings a real hassle. Nobody trusted the system, and important messages would sometimes end up in email limbo.

IT Service-by-the-Hour
Sure, their IT guy was knowledgable and friendly, but he was just one man. Matchstic employees had to wait around until he was in the office, or until he was finished helping someone else with their issue.

Inadequate Phone Service
An important part of Matchstic’s work is communication with their clients. They were having issues with their VoIP (Voice over Internet Proxy) phone system. Namely, getting help when problems occurred. They would call, be put on hold, and oftentimes connected to technicians who didn’t know them, their business, or the phone system.


Migration to Google Apps
Google Apps for Business puts email, calendar, and data storage all in one place. Employees can share and edit many types of files – docs, spreadsheets, and presentations in real time, as well as host video conferences with up to 10 guests.

Complete Support
The majority of Matchstic employees are technically-inclined, but still need help with things like software updates and hardware procurement. More importantly, the decision makers needed consultation. With Ripple’s fully managed IT service, we provide technical support and conduct business reviews to help improve processes.

OfficeTalk™ Phone Service
OfficeTalk is a business-class VOIP phone system with unlimited calls to and from the lower 48, full Ripple management and technical support. We provide the desk phones, handle all the programming, and work directly with any vendors.


Better Communication
Using Google Apps, Matchstic employees can communicate and collaborate like never before. Things like scheduling meetings, sharing documents, and collaborating on projects is simple now that everyone on the same platform. And with everything stored securely in the cloud, employees can access their data from anywhere.

Getting Things Done, Faster
Everyone at Matchstic can get the support they need, and more than one person can be helped at one time. Most issues can be resolved remotely but if there’s a problem that requires a visit to the office, one of our friendly field techs can be out there in no time. Now, employees are more productive and can better managed their time.

Better Phones, No Worries
With Ripple OfficeTalk nobody at Matchstic has to wait on hold for someone to first verify their information, then connect them to some inexperienced, call center tech who’s likely in another state. Since we manage everything, folks at Matchstic experience less downtime and can get back to doing their jobs right away.


“Using Gmail and Google Apps saves me at least 2 hours a week that used to be spent doing admin work. It’s a life-saver.” Craig Johnson, Co-founder

“Ripple has given us great ideas for improving our processes and technology, which allows us to focus on our work.” Becky O’Mara, Project Manager

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