Case Study: TechOperators

Industry: Venture Capital Funding

TechOperators is a venture capital firm that invests in early-stage software companies with high-potential. They focus on software solutions in cloud computing, cyber security, mobile computing, and marketing. Their team of highly experienced investors provide strategic support, advice, connections, and talent networks to their clients.

Before Ripple

As an existing Ripple IT support client, TechOperators approached us seeking help in finding an email hosting company that allowed them to archive old mail in an organized way so it was easily retrievable. The former email hosting company offered an email archiving option, but the archive was shared by all email users and therefore could not be organized or sorted.


Inability to Archive by User
TechOperators needed to archive emails by user. Their previous email hosting company only offered the option of a giant archive folder for all members, leaving the users with a mess of emails to sort through to get their work done.

Surprise Email Account
The company’s original email system had emails being forwarded through some 3 different accounts before it made it (or in some cases, didn’t make it) to the intended recipient. Because the mail wasn’t being sent directly, it also caused employees to be unable to send emails from these accounts. Complicated. It had been left poorly documented, and was causing headaches.


Organized Archiving
After exploring the options together, TechOperators opted to migrate to Microsoft Office 365 and have Ripplers help them make a seamless switch to the new system. Both parties worked together to schedule a time when employees would be out of the office to make the cut over, and then Ripplers were on site to make sure everything was working properly later that morning.

Distribution Group Account
In order to create a catch-all account in Office 365, Ripplers set up a distribution group and gave access to those employees who were involved in the previous account. This eliminated the need for two different hosting companies.


Organized Workspace
Employees at TechOperators are now able to archive emails by user in order to keep past files and conversations secure. This allows users to have privacy with their past emails, and keeps past emails in an easy-to-find place where they can be referred to when needed, and stored when they are not.

Increased Productivity
Now everything is streamlined, there are no longer concerns of people not receiving emails or being unable to respond to them. This eliminates the chances that leads will be lost and clients will be ignored, making their job easier and keeping their clients happier.


“Ripple handled the project very professionally. We will look to them for more projects in the future.” Glenn McGonnigle, General Partner at TechOperators

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