Case Study: Why TechOperators Trusts Their IT to Ripple

TechOperators is a venture capitalist firm that primarily invests in software-startup companies. This team of investors has nearly 45 years of experience as CEOs of eight private and public companies. Their success story includes companies like Vocalocity, EndGame, and Siftit. Even with such a stacked resume, this powerful little company still values the opinions of their friends at Ripple when it comes to IT.

TechOperators was in need of a better email archiving system but didn’t have the time to explore their options, nor the knowledge on where to start. As a client of Ripple’s Managed IT, they approached us with this request and Rippler Watson McKeel presented them with a variety of options before making a final decision together. After a smooth transition to Office 365 Email Hosting, TechOperators employees are able to archive emails in an organized fashion so they can be referred to easily at any time. We even cleared up a few hiccups in their old system that weren’t even known to exist before the transition.

To read the whole case study, click on the button below. If you have any questions about how Ripple IT can help your company, just shoot us an email and we’d be happy to help.

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