Humans First® Managed IT

Getting Macs and PCs to play nice is kind of our thing, and we’ve been doing that since long before it was cool. We help people get their work done with whatever tool is right for the job. Mac, PC, or mobile.

Proactive Business Reviews

We sit down with you quarterly and go over your business in detail. We’ll talk about new technologies, and learn as much as we can about where your company is headed.

  • 1Apple Certified Consultants
  • 2Microsoft Certified Technicians

Your Own IT Strategist

With Ripple, you get a real human that is looking out for your business from a high level. Yearly reviews are great, but your Strategist is there whenever you might need them.

Round the clock Monitoring

Ripple monitors your network and servers all the time. When there’s a potential problem, we step in before it becomes big trouble. Whew.

  • 1Cloud-to-Closet Implementation
  • 2Google Apps Migration

Fun with Vendors

There are a lot of IT-related things to manage. We wrangle them all, and work on your behalf. That way, you can spend your day doing your work, and not juggling infrastructure.

Software updates included

When your servers, workstations or laptops needs a service pack, a Photoshop upgrade, or an Office install… that’s us. Sound easy? It is!

  • 1Proven Partnerships
  • 2Professional Installations

Let's get started!