For one low monthly fee our OfficeTalk service includes a business-class VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone system with unlimited calls to and from the lower 48, full Ripple technical support and, of course, phones. All the tough stuff like installation and setup is the job of our support team.

OfficeTalk is a great fit for any size business, from 2 to 200+ employees, and can work with most existing office infrastructures. And it’s great for companies that have people working outside of the office (including in multiple countries). OfficeTalk allows everyone to be on the same phone system no matter where they happen to be working, or what country they are calling. The best thing is that when the system needs to be modified, updated, tweaked, or explained, a Rippler is on the job. And that lets you get back to doing yours.

Think OfficeTalk might be a good fit for your company? Interested in knowing more about it? Give us a call. That is, if your phones are up and running. If not, we’ll keep an eye out for your email. Just put “Arghhh!!” in the subject line.

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