Corey is a Strategic Business Manager. When he’s not at Ripple, he can be found trout, bass, shore, and deep sea fishing -really any kind of fishing! Corey’s a big fan of all ATL sports teams and loves spending time with his family.


Corey has been with Ripple since 2011 and often uses the title Technology Psychiatrist to describe how he instills the human aspect to relationship sales and ongoing client satisfaction. No he doesn’t help folks with internet addictions, but instead listens, evaluates and prescribes technology solutions to help organizations and the people within it become better. Born and raised in the “A” town he loves to spend his time trout “catching” in the Georgia mountains, enjoying a cold beer while cheering on the local sports teams, and living vicariously through his sons college adventures. He and his wife Karen live in Cumming and are currently empty nesters while both adult “kids” are off creating their own life experiences.

Three words that describe Corey

Friendly, caring, and funtimes.

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