Jose is the Project Team Manager. He balances team work life vs client projects and is always working to make all humans happy. When not at Ripple, he’s doing the family life: kids ( Milan is 4 and Olivia is 19 months), wife and now a new puppy.  He also works on things around the house or on his car, read books (good or bad) and watches film/documentaries.  His favorite thing is when he gets together with friends to work on movie scripts and do some small camera work and/or post-production.  When he has down time or private bathroom time he likes to read medical journals.


Born in Santiago, Chile.  Jose moved to the USA (Miami to precise) at the age of 4.  He then moved to Michigan at the age of 9 and then  to Georgia at the age of 15.  He was able to excel in a number of sports ranging from Hockey to Basketball to Football and was able to play in some all state championships.   He studied for 3 years with a minor in Psychology until he realized he did not want to do this line of work for the rest of his life.  So had odd jobs ranging from mechanic, fork lift operator, concession stand at Braves stadium, and sandwich maker at Subway.  He finally went with his next passion in  documentaries and photography.  He went back to Chile for 6 years and got his masters in Cinematography where he learned about photography, script writing, camera work, set design, graphic design, aesthetics, human behavior, etc. He was awarded at the Kodak film festival for work in photography on one of his films. He wrote a children’s story that was adapted in Spain as a children’s animated series. He was then offered to continue his film work on a 2 year production in Madagascar which he had to refuse for health reasons. He came back to Georgia and worked in television.  Then he started with a small hispanic local TV station and then some freelance jobs with CNN.  It was at that time that he was offered the opportunity to work in technology with Aiman and have a more steady career.  He has now been in the tech industry coming up on 11 years.

Three words that describe Jose

Weird! Light hearted, positive, sarcastic, jokester, introvert that typically acts like an extrovert, observer, over analyzer of situations and other behaviors. Dedicated and faithful to family and friends. To be honest I’m still trying to figure my self out.  Good luck.

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