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OS X El Capitan vs. Windows 10: Which is the Best Operating System?

OS X El Capitan vs. Windows 10: Which Will Come Out on Top? | Ripple IT

El Capitan and Windows 10 go head to head As the highly anticipated release of Windows 10 draws nearer, Microsoft is working to put the finishing touches on its powerful, intelligent, and user-friendly features. But it won’t be the only operating system upgrade on the block. Recently, Apple revealed details for their newest OS X upgrade: El Capitan. Both operating systems are… Read more »

Google Launches Password Alert to Protect Your Accounts

Google Launches Password Alert to Protect You From Phishing | Ripple IT

Introducing Password Alert To this day, one of the biggest security traps online is being tricked into sharing your password with a cybercriminal. Whether that happens because you’re fooled by a look-alike login site or because someone has hacked a site where you reuse the same password (tsk, tsk!)…either way, it puts both your personal… Read more »

Dropbox for iOS Adds New Features for Collaboration

Dropbox for iOS Adds New Collaborative Features | Ripple IT

Do more from anywhere In 2014, Dropbox and Microsoft announced they’d be teaming up to help users do more on their phones, tablets, and the web. Since making the announcement, Dropbox has made numerous upgrades to its app, most of them improving the functionality with Microsoft Office. The most recent Dropbox for iOS update has added new… Read more »

Microsoft Edge to Replace Internet Explorer

Microsoft Edge to Replace Internet Explorer | Ripple IT

Project Spartan Has an Official Name Over the years, people’s browsing habits have changed, with the expectation that web browsers should be able to handle phone calls, run web extensions, and applications. Internet Explorer has never really caught up to that expectation and it’s become clear that it’s time for Microsoft to introduce a powerful browser… Read more »

Amazon Launches New Marketplace: Amazon Business

Amazon Launches Amazon Business | Ripple IT

The rumors are true: Amazon Business is here! Amazon has officially taken one step closer to dominating the B2B sector with the release of Amazon Business, a new marketplace on that combines the selection, convenience, and value of Amazon, with new features tailored to meet the needs of businesses. The Amazon Business site will mimic… Read more »

Skype for Business Replaces Lync

Lync Becomes Skype for Business | Ripple IT

Goodbye Lync, Hello Skype for Business! Microsoft has officially started shifting customers from Lync over to Skype for Business, as part of a monthly update for Office 2013. Skype for Business is set to replace the outdated Microsoft Lync enterprise communication tool. With their use of Lync’s features, as well as the fresh interface and simplified controls of Skype, Microsoft hopes users… Read more »

MobileFirst for iOS: IBM And Apple Release New Enterprise Apps

IBM And Apple Release New Enterprise Apps | Ripple IT

MobileFirst for iOS IBM and Apple first announced their partnership in 2014, to the surprise of many. Upon making the announcement, Apple explained the companies would use the partnership to produce apps that would change the way businesses work using iPhones and iPads; thus, allowing companies to achieve new levels of efficiency, effectiveness, and customer satisfaction. The partnership launched their first ten enterprise apps in 2014 through… Read more »

Google Drive for Work Adds Enterprise Security Features

Google Drive for Work Adds Enterprise Security Features | Ripple IT

Secure Sharing With Google Drive for Work Using Google Drive for Work can help to increase your company’s productivity, but it can also lead to concerns over the ability to secure company data. You don’t want your company’s important files being shared inappropriately and you worry you won’t know it’s happened until it’s too late. Google hopes to… Read more »